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90 degree PVC rain water downspout diverter

90 degree PVC rain water downspout diverter

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Product Name 90 degree PVC rain water downspout diverter
Shape Square
Main Color White/Gray/Brown or cutom made color

1.ASA double-color coextrusion, color never fade
2.High temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, acid-base mold erosion resistance, oxidation resistance.
3.Easy to cut and install
4.Ethylene polymer material, leed-free, good UV performance 

Product Life Time 30 years
Available Size

dual wall 5.2inch,single wall 7inch

Diameter for K-style gutter 5.2inches

Gutter:130*85mm*100mm,1.8mm in thickness
Downspout:80*60mm, 1.4mm in thickness

Diameter for K-style gutter 7 inches

Gutter:170*100*110mm, 1.5mm in thickness
Downspout:100*75mm, 1.7mm in thickness

Gutter/Downspout length 3M/5M or any length you want
Normal Environment temperature -40°C~50°C

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Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd

Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd

Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd


Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd


1. Low cost, significant cost savings compared to standard traditional tray products.
2. Light in weight, wide range of sizes.
3. Fast heat dispersion.
4. Strong enough to withstand short circuits. Provides strength, rigidity without additional hardware.
5. Adapts to difficult architectural designs to accommodate changes in direction and elevation of cable runs.
6.Flexible, easy and fast installation. Design allows cable exit or entry at any point.
7. Cables can be secured to clamps or ties.
8.Various hardware accessories available to fix, support and install.
9. Safe smooth edge design to protect cable.
10.Easy for line check and cleaning , easy maintained.
Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Character of Products
1.The design of PVC-U style as the inside framework gutter help keep the endurance and flintiness.
2.Both side bracket design make the downspout have elegant appearance and more easily fitted on any outwall. 
3.Grid guard and round intine reject the dirt remaining.
4.The whole water draining system look shapely, at the same time have graceful colour and lustre.
5.Good tenacity, good impact resistance, and extrem temperature resistance. It can hold a ladder or snow witout distortion.
6.High temperaature resisted PVC material and good uvioresistant, anti-aging, resistance to acid and alkali can be exposed under the sun directly without fading.
7.It is much easier to cut and install without requiring any special tools.
8.Mature formula technology keep our product extraordinarily stable.
9.The exquisite accessories, fixed together with embedded draw-off method, will ensure the system won't leak.
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