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Address: RM 409-416, Floor 4, Guanglong Caifu Building Center, No. 238, Qianjiang West Road, Haining, Zhejiang, China.

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about us
Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co. Ltd. is a production, sales
and export services as one integrated trade and industry integration
company, the company is located in Haining, China, geographical advantages
and convenient transportation, east of Shanghai, west of Hangzhou.
Company under the production-oriented enterprises: specializing in the
production of high-grade PVC decorative ceiling and bamboo fiber wall
panels and supporting lines, stone-plastic and art-integrated wall panels
and matching lines., PVC water systems, metal roofing systems.
Welcome friends in the world and we work together to seek common
Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Haining Shamrock Import & Export Co.,Ltd